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Finding good quality makeup brushes can be a big problem, they're either artificial, uncomfortable to touch or don't last. We are happy to offer you a more eco-friendly alternative to the commonly available brushes.

Flat Top Brush

In today's article, we're going to show you three brushes that are perfect for applying liquid and loose products like makeup, mineral makeup, and powder. These are things I don't leave the house without, and over the years I've learned a few tricks to help me perfect my makeup. One of them is a good quality brush. I'll start with the flat top brush, which has won me over the most.

The manufacturer states that this flat brush is ideal for applying mineral makeup and mineral powder. The brush is 100% vegan and not tested on animals. The handle is made from 100% renewable bamboo. The synthetic bristles are dense and softly plush to ensure flawless coverage with minimal powder fallout. The total length of the brush is 10.5 cm and the length of the bristles is 3 cm. I fell in love with it for a few things.

The first is that it is wonderfully thick and soft. This makes it easy to apply makeup with. Another thing I love it for is its short handle, which suits me just fine. I feel like it's much easier and quicker than with a longer handle. I even tell myself I don't want another one. I use it for liquid makeup and it works perfectly into my skin without streaks, spots or maps. It's also easy to apply powder or mineral makeup. After each wash, the brush looks like new and feels clean and soft again. Plus, it's very easy to wash - apply a mild hair shampoo to the moistened bristles of the brush, lather and rinse under running water. Smooth the bristles in one direction, place on a clean towel and let dry naturally. This brush has replaced the improved Extraordinary Flat Top Brush as of January 2020.

Šikovní pomocníci od Everyday Minerals


 Kabuki brush with short handle Eco Botan

I consider the short-handled Kabuki brush to be a small work of art. The inspiration for this incredibly fine brush with rich, dense bristles is the traditional Japanese brushes used by kabuki theatre artists. Overall length is 7 cm, bristle length is 4 cm. It is an essential tool for creating the perfect make-up. The professional Kabuki brush has a rounded shape and it is this that allows you to apply the necessary amount of mineral make-up in a circular motion. The wide handle fits perfectly in the hand and makes the brush easy to work with. The result will be a smooth layer on the skin. In addition, you can easily layer the mineral make-up. You can also apply compact powder effectively with this brush. I love it for powder application. Just a few strokes and the makeup gets a matte finish. I carry it in my makeup bag and it saves the day whenever my nose gets shiny.

Šikovní pomocníci od Everyday Minerals


Kabuki brush with long handle

The long-handled Kabuki brush is a versatile tool that can travel with you and save many a situation. I like that it's lightweight and comfortable to the touch. It will help you when applying blush, mineral makeup or powder. The extended handle allows for greater dexterity when applying makeup, the rounded tip picks up pigment and the thick bristles ensure even application of mineral make-up. Total length is 11 cm, bristle length 4 cm. The brush is fluffy and quite easy to apply makeup with. It suits me for applying powder or blush. I find the short-handled kabuki richer and a bit more suitable for mineral makeup. With this, you can easily apply powder and set your makeup.

 Šikovní pomocníci od Everyday Minerals

These three brushes are a staple and you can apply makeup with them without any problems or mistakes. If you prefer liquid makeup, check out the Flat Top brush. If you love mineral makeup, I think the short-handled kabuki is absolutely great for it. If you want to apply powder, blush, bronzer, or highlighter, the long-handled kabuki will do the trick. In the next article, we'll go over some tips for contouring and using blush with other brushes from Everyday Minerals.

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